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Young property investors: what you need to know

Some people get life sorted really young. It seems as though every week the NZ Herald is profiling some young kiwi investor who’s made it big in property by making smart choices early on in life. You can read how a couple turned $15,700 into $10.5 million by investing in property. Or how about this […]

Financial Freedom

How will property help me achieve financial freedom?

“My kids have left for their own adventures. We see them posting pictures from all over the world, visiting all the places we’ve always dreamed of, and eschewing a traditional career for work that brings them joy. All the while we’re coasting along with our mortgage and our normal jobs. I’m starting to wonder if […]

Property Portfolio

3 ways to get your dream home without compromising your portfolio

Like many investors, you’re probably using your own home’s equity to fund your portfolio. In order to keep your cash flow healthy, you’re probably staying in a home long after you’ve outgrown it. But what if we told you there was a way you could upsize to your dream home without having to wait for […]

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Top 5 Investing Tips for Growing Your Wealth

“Investing” – it sounds like a scary word. If you want to grow wealth and make your family’s dreams a reality, then getting started with investing is the best way to do it. Luckily, in reality, investing isn’t that scary. It’s just finding a way to make your money work for you, and produce more […]

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5 Mistakes to Avoid when Getting into Property Investment

“Property investing is EASY. Even a monkey could do it.” That’s what we hear time and time again from would-be investors or those who’ve just started out. It’s true that anyone with the required capital can buy an investment property in New Zealand (although probably not a monkey), but being a successful property investor is […]


OPES Newsletter – December, 2016

Welcome to the final newsletter from OPES for 2016. It would be safe to say that this year has been one hell of a ride and has certainly kept us guessing. We have had the Brexit vote, the US election, John Keys resignation, and probably the most significant – the separation of Brad and Angelina. […]


Property Forecast

  The only consistency in life is change, and this year has seen a lot of this in the housing market. We are starting to see a lot more in the media about a property bubble, a softening of rents in certain areas, and a shift upwards in the interest rates. Combine this with this […]


Olivia Cleave – Client Relationship Manager

We would like to introduce Olivia Cleave, the newest addition to the OPES Partners team. She will be taking over from Lauren as the client relationship manager in the Christchurch office. Olivia combines her energy, skills, and experience with OPES Partners proven expertise and successful record in guiding people to successful property investment opportunities. Olivia […]

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OPES Newsletter – June 2016

Greetings Hello and welcome to the second edition of the OPES Partners newsletter. This year we are focused on growing our business by furthering the successes of our clients. We want you to feel a part of the OPES team culture and be given every opportunity to develop as an investor. In this newsletter, we […]


Upcoming Events

OPES Partners have a number of upcoming events that have been planned to take place throughout the year. With great times ahead we hope you all get involved! Previously, we have written about our partnership with ShowBiz. This programme will see us taking clients to some wonderful upcoming shows throughout the year. Our first night […]