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Young property investors: what you need to know

Some people get life sorted really young. It seems as though every week the NZ Herald is profiling some young kiwi investor who’s made it big in property by making smart choices early on in life. You can read how a couple turned $15,700 into $10.5 million by investing in property. Or how about this […]

Financial Freedom

How will property help me achieve financial freedom?

“My kids have left for their own adventures. We see them posting pictures from all over the world, visiting all the places we’ve always dreamed of, and eschewing a traditional career for work that brings them joy. All the while we’re coasting along with our mortgage and our normal jobs. I’m starting to wonder if […]

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Are you ready to invest in property?

You’re done with the daily grind. You want to break free of the shackles of your day job and embrace a new life. Wanting is great, and making the decision to start is definitely the first step, but are you really ready to start investing in property? This is an important question, because there are […]

Property Portfolio

3 ways to get your dream home without compromising your portfolio

Like many investors, you’re probably using your own home’s equity to fund your portfolio. In order to keep your cash flow healthy, you’re probably staying in a home long after you’ve outgrown it. But what if we told you there was a way you could upsize to your dream home without having to wait for […]

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5 Mistakes to Avoid when Getting into Property Investment

“Property investing is EASY. Even a monkey could do it.” That’s what we hear time and time again from would-be investors or those who’ve just started out. It’s true that anyone with the required capital can buy an investment property in New Zealand (although probably not a monkey), but being a successful property investor is […]

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Secure Your Family’s Future With Property Investment

As a young person working a decent job, you’ll usually have a bit of extra money each month to splurge on toys and fun experiences. You work hard, and your money goes towards ensuring you’re enjoying life. That all changes when you start a family. Your provider instinct kicks in. You want to give your […]


4 ways OPES can help you choose the ideal investment property

When you’re on the market for an investment property, what’s the first thing you look for? Do you start by choosing a certain suburb, or do you begin your search with a specific property-type, such as apartments or three-bedroom homes? Do you look for something that’s beautifully designed, or is proximity to the right school […]

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How Kiwis Can Achieve Wealth through Property Investment

When it comes to building wealth and creating a better future for your family, most clever kiwis turn to the property market. Investing in property makes a lot of sense – you’re purchasing a tangible asset, and as you build on your property portfolio, you can achieve the dream of “passive income” – money that […]


What Makes a Good Rental Property?

Much debate often exists around what makes the ideal rental property.  Some campaign for the high yielding classic Kiwi house, while others vouch for the road less travelled and go for the new high quality modern property. So what exactly does the perfect investment entail? Modern, if not new buildings either commercial or residential, have […]