Welcoming Dennis Schipper to the OPES Team

An introduction from Dennis Schipper:

“Born and bread on the Hauraki plains in an agricultural focused community, I’ve always grown up with the idea of wearing a suit.

When I left school I went on to study a degree in sport and recreation. I completed my degree and picked up a role as a Personal Trainer in a local gym of Tauranga. I was all for the Tauranga lifestyle but ‘something’ was missing.

With me coming to realisation that I wasn’t using my full potential I decided to jump ship and study real estate as I had always had an interest in the property market and what it has to offer.

After I had given up on society and partnering with a real estate firm, I decided that I would make a move to Auckland to start a career in the property industry. Being in the right place at the right time, and the skills and motivation to succeed in industry, landed me my role with OPES Partners at their Auckland office.”